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Targeted Twitter Followers | Twitter Marketing Strategy

Posted by Doug Kirk  Dec 31, 2011 1:07:00 PM

Finding targeted Twitter followers is at the heart of any sound Twitter marketing strategy.  Identifying targeted followers on Twitter increases the audience most interested in your business or service  offerings.  Yet having targeted followers alone is not going to help unless you can provide specific information that is appealing.  With that in mind, here’s a Twitter marketing strategy that leverages a targeted Twitter following and shows you how to use that audience for your business objectives. 

  • Identify keywords that resonate with your target audience.  Use Google keyword tool or the Hubspot Keyword Tool .  Blog about the topics most useful to your potential buyers.  For example, I’d like to reach people that are interested in using Optimize 3.0 for strategic online marketing services.  I know my audience is very interested in leveraging Twitter.  Hence, this blog post.   
  • Identify Targeted Twitter followers:
      • Go to Search.Twitter.com.  Type in a keyword from step #2.  Follow users that are Tweeting about this topic.
      • Follow users of your competition.  Go to their website.  See if they have a Twitter account and go there and follow their users.  There’s a good chance they will follow you back.
      • Follow lists created by other users on topics.  Again, use the Twitter search tool.
  • Connect your blog to your Twitter account:
      • You can do this via software or simply make your blog post headlines into Tweets.  Be sure to add a link to the post.
      • I like to turn each of my blog titles into 4 to 5 similar Tweets so that they are unique but have the same link back to my blog.  I use specialized software to automate this process.  
      • Use URL shorteners (e.g. www.bit.ly) to get the most out of 140 characters
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Use this strategy to find Targeted Twitter followers.  But don’t stop there.  Complete the Twitter marketing strategy by Tweeting your relevant blog topics to your targeted audience.  Over time and consistent effort you will see, like me that social media visits to my site convert at a much higher rate than those from Google organic search. 

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Here's another great way to add Twitter followers: twitter adder.  This is the best software on the market to add targeted followers: 


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