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Internet Marketing Packages using Hubspot 3.0: A Review & Guide

Posted by Doug Kirk  Sep 4, 2012 2:20:00 PM

What comprises effective internet marketing packages?  The components available from Hubspot 3.0 enable the most important elements for an effective internet marketing package.  Once you’ve identified your marketing campaign topic, the process can be broken down into the following steps.   Each greatly assisted with Husbpot 3.0:

Step 1) Create an SEO infused blog post

Step 2) Create a call to action (CTAs) and an optimized landing page

Step 3) Attach your offer to a lead nurturing campaign

Step 4) Promote your offer via email, blog & social media channels

Step 5) Measure results

What better way to see how Hubspot 3.0 can create an effective Internet marketing package than by example.  Here goes:

Step 1) SEO infused blogging means you’re taking advantage of Hubspot 3.0’s SEO tools to identify terms people are searching on.  Since “Hubspot 3.0” is a relatively new term that will be my secondary term.  For this post I’ve targeting the keyword “Internet Marketing Packages.”  That fits nicely as a primary term.  I found this term using Hubspot 3.0’s Keyword tool that shows me there are a fair amount of searches and a low “Difficulty to rank” score (1=Easy, 100=Hard)


internet marketing packages resized 600


Next I want to put Internet Marketing Packages in the title of my blog post.  A good blog platform such as Hubspot 3.0 will automatically put my blog post title in the Title tag, H1 and URL.  This is critically important to let Google know what your blog is about.  Next, I want to be sure to repeat the keywords (internet marketing packages and Hubspot 3.0) several times in the body of the text.  Finally, I need to put images in the blog post and make sure the Alt Text “Internet Marketing Packages” is linked to the image.

Step 2) Build a button that links to a landing page.  Now, using Hubspot 3.0, this is pretty easy since there’s a tool that does just that.  No designer involved and no coding whatsoever.  Plus, in Hubspot 3.0 you can create A/B versions to optimize results.  Below is an example.  Refresh your browser (may take a couple of tries) and you’ll see the button alternate.

Link the button to a landing page.  A landing page contains an offer that attempts to capture lead information from your site visitor.  An optimized landing page removes the site nav to keep your reader focused.  Hubspot 3.0, not surprisingly, has a tool to build landing pages as well.  Again, no coding or design work required.  You can certainly design your own, but you can build an amazing one simply by choosing the template and dropping in the image. Next, drag in the form fields – these are what info you want from your leads including name, address, email, company.  These are also customizable in Hubspot 3.0.

hubspot 3 landing page

 Step 3) Attach a lead nurturing campaign to your lead conversions.  These automated emails continue to engage your lead.  In Hubspot 3.0 you can attach a lead nurturing campaign to any conversion event.  The best way to do this is to further engage with more content such as a whitepaper or blog post that is relevant to the first conversion.  Further bringing your lead down the sales funnel.    Important: The last automated email should include a sales call to action such as a free demo or evaluation. 

 Step 4) Promote your content.  This part actually has 3 steps.  a) Post your blog post to your blog.  If you have subscription attached your followers will be notified;  b) Share your blog to your social media followers.  Hubspot 3.0’s new social media publishing tool allows you to queue these Tweets to go out throughout the day.  Tip: Use the Linkedin share button to publish your blog post to your Linkedin groups; c) Send an email to your database of contacts notifying them of the new content.  Below is an example of Hubspot 3.0’s new list building tool.

This list building example in Hubspot 3.0 shows how I built a list from leads that have filled out a specific form and have Twitter followers over 100.

 list building hubspot 3

Step 5) Measure your results.  Analytics should identify CTA conversions, landing page conversions (should be 15% or better), what sources are you getting traffic – social, email, direct, organic search.   Use these tools to further optimize your campaigns.   


hubspot 3 analytics

If you are looking for a complete internet marketing package, Hubspot 3.0 offers a full array of tools to fully engage website visitors. 

Or, check out how Hubspot 3 compares with other Internet marketing software packages:

Download Hubspot  Competitor Chart



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